Justin Narayan - Season 1

Justin Narayan - Season 1

Join Justin as he teaches in depth techniques and how to bring your cooking to the next level.

Justin Narayan - Season 1
  • Welcome

    In this introduction Justin shares about his passion and his personal story in helping others learn the fundamentals of cooking. He encourages viewers to lean in as he teaches them about food, cooking and creating delicious recipes.

  • Why Cook?

    ‘Why do we cook?’ and ‘Why should we cook?’ are two questions that Justin raises with the viewers and discusses in deeper detail. He challenges viewers to find their reason for cooking, learn how food and cooking has developed over time and encourages them to view cooking as a creative way to exp...

  • Getting To Know Each Other

    In this episode Justin shares some personal stories on how food has impacted and shaped his childhood memories. He encourages viewers to reflect on their own personal memories and consider how food played a part in those moments. Be inspired as you learn how you can use food to serve people and c...

  • Basic Equipment Guide

    In this episode Justin goes through the list of essential equipment you will need for every day cooking. Whether it’s a whisk, wooden spoon or a vegetable peeler, Justin talks through each individual item and how to get the best use out of them.

  • Basic Pantry Essentials

    In this episode Justin goes through a list of basic pantry and fridge staple items you will need as the base for any incredible dish. He shares what the most important ingredients are, how to best use them and what to look for to make sure you are getting the best quality in each of them.

  • What is Taste?

    Justin shares the five components that make up taste and how to use those components to enhance the flavours of the food we cook. Learn the art of manipulating flavours in order to create a well balanced dish.

  • Intro to Techniques

    Justin introduces the basic cooking techniques that are going to help elevate your cooking to the next level.

  • Technique - Pan Roasting

    In this episode Justin demonstrates how to pan roast a chicken breast. He discusses the best techniques to create chicken breast that is moist, tender and juicy with a nice golden and crispy texture. The preparation and seasoning of the chicken prior to cooking, the importance of allowing the mea...

  • Mastering Knife Skills

    In this episode Justin goes through all the types of cuts that you can apply to different recipes and explains how the way you use your knife will affect the taste and the way your vegetables react in your final dish. He demonstrates techniques on the best ways to chop an onion and carrot dependi...

  • Mastering Chilli

    In this episode Justin displays how the chilli works and what part of the chilli the spice comes from. He demonstrates ways to cut the chilli, whether you want to julienne, fine dice or even just infuse your sauces and curries. He goes through the best way to prepare the chilli and manipulate the...

  • Mastering Garlic

    In this episode Justin demonstrates practical ways to peel, slice, dice and even puree raw garlic. He goes through different types of cuts you could use in different recipes to best enhance the flavour of garlic and intensity in your dishes.

  • Mastering the Perfect Sear and Sauce

    In this episode Justin does a step by step demonstration on how to make a classic scotch fillet steak and red wine sauce using principles and techniques that can be applied to almost every protein and every sauce you will make. He first demonstrates the steps needed to cook the perfect protein. I...

  • Mastering Heat through the French Omelette

    In this episode Justin does a step by step demonstration on how to make a classic French omelette, the basic ingredients you will need and the utensils and pan to best use for this particular dish. All you need is very few ingredients and a little bit of technique to make it taste rich and luxour...

  • Mastering Balancing Flavor Through Salad Dressing

    It’s time to chuck out the bottled salad dressings sitting in your fridge as Justin goes through the simple elements you will need to create and master your own beautifully balanced salad dressing to take your salads up a notch. When creating the perfect salad dressing it all comes down to balanc...

  • Mastering Rice

    When making a curry or stir fry, the way you make your rice can make all the difference. In this episode Justin does a practical demonstration and shares simple ways to make sure your rice turns out light and fluffy every single time.

  • Mastering Onions

    Justin teaches the audience how to caramelise and brown your onions to perfection. What is the difference between sauteed, caramelised or gently browned onions? Justin talks through what the differences are and how it can affect the food we cook. He does a step by step demonstration on different ...

  • Make Food Taste Good Every Single Time

    In this episode Justin explains how there is more to cooking than just following a recipe. Find out what the four T’s are that are going to help you gain the feeling and intuition needed when learning how to make food that tastes good.

  • How You Chop Affects Flavour

    Justin encourages viewers to practice their knife skills. He goes through the different cuts of vegetables he has talked about in previous episodes and reiterates the importance of basic knife skills to level up your cooking and bring out the best flavours in your vegetables.

  • Texture - How Texture Affects Flavour 

    In this episode Justin talks more in depth about Texture and how it can have an emotional connection that can unlock a part of your brain and transport you back to your childhood. Fat, heat and the way you cut your food will all have an effect on the texture. You will learn more about how texture...

  • How to Breakdown and Understand Chicken

    Understanding how to treat and cook each part of the chicken will also give you a rough guide on how you should be treating and using parts of other animals. In this episode Justin guides you through a whole chicken by breaking down and explaining each part of the chicken and how it works in your...

  • Temperature - How Temperature Affects Flavour

    In this episode Justin goes through the effects of temperature, learning to manipulate temperature to create the flavour that you want and how the temperature of your food works with your sense of smell. He not only talks about temperature in terms of heat but also explains how the level of spici...

  • The Perception - How you eat with your eyes

    In this episode Justin explains how what you see affects what you taste. He uncovers how your perception is triggered and connected to your memory and how your brain primes you for what you’re about to eat. Encouraging the viewers and explaining how to play and work with perceptions to create rea...