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Watch Mastering Onions

Mastering Onions

Justin Narayan - Season 1 • 9m 9s

Up Next in Justin Narayan - Season 1

  • Make Food Taste Good Every Single Time

    In this episode Justin explains how there is more to cooking than just following a recipe. Find out what the four T’s are that are going to help you gain the feeling and intuition needed when learning how to make food that tastes good.

  • How You Chop Affects Flavour

    Justin encourages viewers to practice their knife skills. He goes through the different cuts of vegetables he has talked about in previous episodes and reiterates the importance of basic knife skills to level up your cooking and bring out the best flavours in your vegetables.

  • Texture - How Texture Affects Flavour 

    In this episode Justin talks more in depth about Texture and how it can have an emotional connection that can unlock a part of your brain and transport you back to your childhood. Fat, heat and the way you cut your food will all have an effect on the texture. You will learn more about how texture...