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Watch Intro to Techniques

Watch Intro to Techniques

Intro to Techniques

Justin Narayan - Season 1 • 20s

Up Next in Justin Narayan - Season 1

  • Technique - Pan Roasting

    In this episode Justin demonstrates how to pan roast a chicken breast. He discusses the best techniques to create chicken breast that is moist, tender and juicy with a nice golden and crispy texture. The preparation and seasoning of the chicken prior to cooking, the importance of allowing the mea...

  • Mastering Knife Skills

    In this episode Justin goes through all the types of cuts that you can apply to different recipes and explains how the way you use your knife will affect the taste and the way your vegetables react in your final dish. He demonstrates techniques on the best ways to chop an onion and carrot dependi...

  • Mastering Chilli

    In this episode Justin displays how the chilli works and what part of the chilli the spice comes from. He demonstrates ways to cut the chilli, whether you want to julienne, fine dice or even just infuse your sauces and curries. He goes through the best way to prepare the chilli and manipulate the...